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For many years Foam pits have been the standard for Trampoline parks, Gymnastics Facilities and Free Running Gyms around the world. If you have ever used a Foam pit, then you are very familiar with the inadequacies and high costs associated with them. Also the upkeep is time consuming and expensive not to mention the amount of Bacteria that that lives within the foam blocks. There is also the consideration of inhaling the dust material that is inherent in Foam once it starts to break down.  This can never be cleaned. The only way to get rid of the bacteria and dust is to replace all of your foam blocks! That being said, the cost of replacing Foam Blocks carries a high price tag which prohibits facility owners from replacing them on an annual basis. Those days are over! Impact Air Bags bring you the most advanced technology the industry has seen to date. We work closely with ASTM to make sure that standards created that will be put in place for the proper installation of the Impact Air Bags and that our research is done correctly and with highest safety in mind.


Trampoline parks around the globe have begun to replace their existing foam pits with high quality Inflatable Impact Attenuation Systems. Impact Air Bags are less expensive over time to maintain and less expensive than a foam pit if you are designing or building a new facility from the ground up.  Starting with hygiene, ease of use, jump frequency and annual running costs, Impact Air Bags are hands down the obvious choice for your Trampoline Park.

Softest landing

Removable/replaceable Top Sheet and Aprons

Secondary Restraint Netting SysteM

Squared-off air bag that fits perfectly into pit

Instant recoil

High throughput

Impact Air Bag can be ordered in any of our multiple standard sizes. We also offer custom made Air Bags to fit any size or shape configuration that will allow easy integration into your Trampoline Facility and fit space requirements. We have the know-how necessary to customize the Impact Air Bag to meet the growing demands of our customers and athletes around the world.


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